The Portugal News Sales System

Project Description

Very ambiente project this one, the challenge consisted in turning an excel sheet that was used to control sales rep's into something more, much more!

Once again a web based solution was the answer, mainly because it offered the possibility of individual reps to have their own login with that make daily uploads of client and business information wherever, whenever they wanted.

The information workflow is composed by 3 distinct phases:

  • Prospecing Business
  • Completed Business
  • Lost Business

It was requested that the system handled a clients database that should be unique within the group, meaning that if a client was atributed to a peticular rep it should not allow other rep to have it. With this, client and business information should be stored clearly and easily migrated to a diferent rep if necessary.

No framework was used here, i have developed all the mechanisms required for the system to work, basically i builted my own framework this was due to keep it simple and easily troubleshoot problems and issues that could occur.

Also, at the time, it offered a clear sight on how to implement functionalities as we went allong...

Earlier versions of this system now have agendas and file droppers...

The system should also at the end of each month produce a elaborate report per rep, this was done using scheduled tasks that run a php CLI script that fetches and composes a PDF with information and charts that display several business metrics, this is then emailed to administrators.

Project Information

Categories: Web Development


Client: The Portugal News Group

Project Timeline

Start: from Jun, 2012

End: Jul, 2012


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