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I'm an IT Professional that lives in southern Portugal.

Here you will find information about my skills and some work I have been doing...
Recently created, this portal is meant to share experiences and knowledge! So feel free to share your thoughts and give some feedback.
I've always took more interest in the mechanics than the actual product.
- How does it all work? - What's the secret behind it? - What's inside?
Follow me and lets find out!


My Skill Levels

  • Programming & Development80%
  • Design & Production40%
  • Networking60%
  • System Administrator65%
Mainly focused in developing solutions for the web using PHP, Javascript that produce robust and simple applications. Depending on the project requirements, frameworks such as CakePHP or Epesi are often my starting ground.
Also worked with Visual Basic in a couple of projects, really liked the power and simplicity of it but sometimes a pre-compiled languages such as JAVA or C are required for more ambitious projects or specific solutions. I have projects made in C and JAVA. You can find projects written in these languages on my portfolio.
Sometimes application development just forces you to know design basics, because an application without a nice GUI its not human friendly, hence the need for graphics and skills to manipulate them. My favourite weapon to accomplish this is Fireworks, very easy and clean software to work with, but when not available, the free solution GIMP is my alternative. When it comes to vector projects, CorelDraw is my choice.
You can find some artwork done with these software's on my portfolio.
For every IT professional that have a career this was most likely his starting point, even if it was only in the computer that used to sit at home, every single one of us has tried at some stage to do more... Now with a bit more responsibilities, networks with several computers, are now the playground, with this comes centralized management and naturally server languages and protocols. My Microsoft MCITP certification helps me every day when problems or necessities arrive. On other hand, the Linux side of things was by me initially not welcomed, but since I started playing with software provided by the university it became clear, this is must know technology, that offers easy and free solutions. Nowadays I work with both environments Windows and Linux depending on the scenario and solution required.
I'm fortunate enough to being part of Cisco world with my CCNA certification, I believe that for an IT engineer to be successful, basic knowledge of networking is a requisite. Only then, he or she can be aware of how the web works and how the information flows. For a professional that administers networks this is a requirement. From single lab tests, to complete network re-installations, you can find projects on my portfolio.


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My Services

Design & Production

I offer several services related with design and production of images and media.

  • Photo re-touch & manipulation
  • Logo, Flyer or Banner creation & optimization
  • Branding
  • Image vectorization
  • 3D Modelling & Rendering
  • Video Editing

Programming & Development

If you require a tailored solution that suits your exact needs, i provide applications written in the most common languages.

  • Web site development & optimization.
  • JAVA or C applications
  • Customized GUI's
  • Server & desktop scripting (Visual Basic or Batch)

Network & Server Administrator

Weather its a medium or small network i can assist you your servers and network devices.

  • Planning & quotations.
  • Installations
  • Security checks
  • Management & optimization
  • In and off site backups

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Service Plans

Web Development

Starting at 30€ per month.

  • Premium Template
  • 10 Page custom
  • Business Email
  • Hosting
  • Domain (.COM)

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App Development

Starting at 15€ per hour.

  • Free Quotations
  • Design & Development according to your specs
  • Web, Compiled and Pre-Compiled Languages
  • In and off site hosting solutions

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Servers & Network

Starting at €45 per hour.

  • Free Quotations
  • Service Configuration
  • Network design and planning
  • Server and Network Installations
  • Backups

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My Featured Projects




Project Description

Sometimes good customers bring great friendships, this was the case! Lovely lady that wanted to have her business online with hability to write her own chronicles, reviews and upload some pictures...

Naturaly, Joomla was the way to go, managed to find a nice template that reflected she and her line of work, and from there started to re-shape the solution into a more "acupuncturist" look.

Came out pretty well and after some quick lessons about categories and articles, the client quickly managed to find her own way to publish and manage joomla content.

Project Information

Categories: Web Development

Url: http://yvetemasure.com

Client: Yvete Masure

Project Timeline

Start: from Mar, 2013

End: Apr, 2013

Project Description

Interesting project this one was, also a re-structure from static ugly html pages, sadly i dont have thoose available anymore... Moved the content into a dynamic solution and offcourse into the Joomla platform that once again provided multi language support.

Has been updated with some frequency, also implemented a chat solution that allows clients to interact directly with the office.

First time ive used the contact component from Ra, http://www.fox.ra.it/ and it worked quite well from the begining, it comes with captcha protection and its very customizable, i have used it in several other projects.

Project Information

Categories: Web Development

Url: http://worldtelecom.pt

Client: The Portugal News Group

Project Timeline

Start: from Dec, 2012

End: Jan, 2013

Project Description

Client requested a full site modification. A joomla solution was used in order to make it more attractive and easy for the customer to make bookings and enquiries.

Project Information

Categories: Web Development

Url: http://luzoceandrive.com/

Client: Luz Ocean Club

Project Timeline

Start: from Oct, 2014

End: Nov, 2014


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