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First of all, and if you are reading this, let me thank you for being here, i am trully honored!

I am! And specialy because this is my first article in the blog section!

So for you to take a couple minutes behind the screen and read what i have to say, is for me a responsability and truly a bless!

This website was born for a couple reasons...

The need of share

Some IT professionals lock them selves in their enviorment and do not disclose their daily adventures, if you are not in the business is likely dificult to imagine that our work is never completed. There is always something to do better or to improve and sometimes those adjustments may suit others with the same problems, so why not let the world know and share knowledge and tools?

The industry

I find myself working in an industry that is constantly evolving,  every month new products and services are lauched and there is a need to constantly re-search technology in order to keep up to date with what is going on outthere, so once again why not share impressions and reviews?

As an identity

There many IT professionals out there that have great skills.

But i believe that a person is only as good, as the work he or she shows! Anything else is just smoke, it does not matter if you managed to climb everest if you cant provide proof.

So here you will find some of my work and projects, in an attempt to let others know of my fingerprint.


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